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We help establish market leadership, increase brand awareness about your company, attract investor funding, and build relationships with your key audiences through PR, influencer relations, content and visual marketing. Most importantly, we get results.

Elena, you have a firm grasp on what makes an easy sell for a story–and exactly the kinds of people journalists are looking for. Are you sure you haven’t worked in a newsroom?
— Mark Joyella, 5-time Emmy Award winning reporter and digital producer for CNN

 Our ideal clients


1. You’re a well-funded start up and:

•    You’ve opened up a new market segment as the leader, but the competition is closing at your heels and appear to have a better solution because they’re the ones in the media, blogs and winning awards.

•    You’ve got a game-changing technology you’ve been keeping under wraps and now you want to make a splash at a major industry event and need marketing help…yesterday.

•    You’ve been developing, testing and creating a product with your engineering team that is so groundbreaking, but you’re having a hard time with lead generation because you can’t tell your story succinctly and with impact


2. You’re a public company and:

•    You have an excellent product or technology but no one has ever heard of you. Your stock barely trades and you are way undervalued.

•    You have used traditional Investor Relations and haven’t seen any results. You would benefit from a positive public profile – translating to exposure to retail and institutional investors. Nothing speaks to investors like third-party endorsements such as media exposure.

•    You know your story would resonate with investors and generate excitement in the media but need help crafting a clever way to tell it from the 30,000 foot view.


3. You’re an established player in your industry and:

•    With today’s varied news outlets, bloggers and influencers, you see the need for a more comprehensive outreach program that incorporates all of what PR is today: traditional, digital, social and visual.

•    You need to expand your in-house marketing communications team (new vertical targets, new product offerings, new strategies) with seasoned professionals that will inject innovation, creativity and energy to your ideas.

•    You need to expand your reach to other countries, markets and focused groups.

•    You have a big event or outreach program that you want to plan and execute immediately without interrupting current workflow.


I worked with Elena and Cross Border on a major funding announcement and media outreach that landed us in a four page Profit Magazine profile and a full page in Entrepreneur. I appreciated her attention to detail, media training tips and ability to communicate a story succinctly.
— Jeff Booth, CEO, Build Direct