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You asked, we delivered. 

We provide two training workshops for individuals and teams on strategy and best practices in public relations, influencer and content marketing. 

Publicity S.T.O.R.M

Do you think your business or organization is too ordinary to get media attention?  Think it’s too hard to be your own publicist? This training shows you how to firmly establish yourself as the “go-to” expert in your market and get pre-sold prospects to your site.

In this training session you’ll learn the system for:

·       Stories – simple ideas to generate 15 types of stories that get you media attention

·       Target – where to find hundreds of publicity opportunities right under your nose

·       Offer – how to easily offer your story to the media without having to write complicated press releases

·       Resistance – tackling the common fears and misperceptions that stop you from getting the publicity your organization deserves

·       Media – creative ways to leverage the publicity you get to build more buzz and land even more media attention

Once you learn this system and use the resources we provide you, you will have an easy-to-replicate process you can follow at team meetings to generate your PR-worthy stories and get the word out there about your product, service or organization.


“A 10 out of 10. Elena provides simply the most comprehensive, understandable and useful overview of public relations I’ve seen. I can’t wait to hear more.”

-Daniel Purdy, Asst. Director MBA Programs, Western Washington University

Content P.R.O.C.E.S.S

Perfect for organizations wanting to maximize budgets by training in-house marketing staff to align content marketing with PR, repurpose already existing content and extend the sharing and promotion of outstanding marketing pieces. 

In this jammed-packed training session, you’ll create your own blueprint for successful Content Marketing:


  • PPrioritizeyour goals, expectations and resources with a strategic content audit

  • R Researchtarget customers to connect deeply with their interests and pain points

  • O Organizeand outlinecontent topics with fun and simple brainstorming exercises

  • C Createthe content with best practices, tools and team workflow strategies

  • E – Earnplacements with Influencers

  • S –Sharethe content everywhere; then Serveit again by repurposing the content

  • S – Simplify the measurement of results


This course will help you get started right, with a step-by-step system that eliminates the guesswork, checklists to ensure you won’t forget anything and insider secrets and time-saving tools that ease the overwhelm. 


"The audience absolutely loved it. Elena’s presentation was polished and powerful yet came across very sincere and genuine. The feedback from that training stands out as some of the best we’ve received to date.”

Sean Malarkey, Training programs, Hootsuite University

On Twitter to Elena Verlee: "Cheers to my favorite PR types…you are clearly a brand building badass.”

Amy Cosper, Editor-in-chief, Entrepreneur Magazine